Friday, January 30, 2015

Budget Analyst 4 - Dept. of Enterprise Services (Olympia, WA)

State of Washington
Dept. of Enterprise Services

invites applications for the position of:
Budget Analyst 4 (00129)
SALARY:$4,114.00 - $5,395.00 Monthly

OPENING DATE: 01/07/15
CLOSING DATE: Continuous

The Department of Enterprise Services  (DES) delivers high quality, cost-effective support services to state government.

Enterprise Services features expertise in information technology and print support, contract management, human resources and employee training, statewide financial systems, public works project management, and the care and stewardship of the state capitol grounds and buildings. 
The department’s goal in every transaction is to deliver innovative, responsive, cost effective and integrated solutions and services to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
This recruitment has been extended and is open until filled. It is in the best interest of the applicant to submit materials as soon as possible.
Application review is ongoing and candidates are encouraged to apply early. The hiring authority reserves the right to make a hiring decision at any time.

In support of the DES mission, the Finance Division Client Services provides accounting, budgeting, and payroll services to small agencies to help them succeed in meeting their goals and fulfilling their responsibilities.  The position will provide professional budget and accounting services for an assigned group of state agencies.  Providing these services allows the agency staff to focus their efforts on achieving their agency’s mission, fulfilling their agency’s strategic plan, and using its limited resources more efficiently to serve its constituents.
Duties include, but not limited to:
Budget Monitoring and Fiscal Analysis
  • Analyzes complex financial data and explain the data’s significance in laymen’s terms to agency management or designee;
  • Prepares comprehensive narrative statements along with complex supporting financial reports;
  • Analyzes current revenues and expenditures to develop and project future funding scenarios;
  • Monitors fund balances and accounts receivable activity;
  • Develops individualized budget reports to track and analyze agency performance along with reviewing other fiscal indicators as requested by the agency;
  • Provides analysis and recommendations to executive management on the status of agency accounts, both actual and projected;
  • Reviews and analyzes budget and other fiscal requests submitted by client agencies;
  • Monitors proposed or pending changes in state programs, laws, rules, regulations, etc., to determine the potential impact on programs and recommending appropriate responses and/or actions;
  • Responds to inquiries from client agency management, OFM Budget staff, the Governor’s Office and Policy staff on budget and fiscal issues;
  • Explains accounting and budgeting systems, procedures, and processes to client agencies; and
  • Uses financial data from Enterprise Reporting Systems, and Budget System Reports.
Biennial and Supplemental Budget Submission
  • Explains the budget submittal requirements to client management;
  • Assists client agencies in biennial and supplemental budget preparation including the preparation, review, and/or input of decision packages, performance measures, salary and benefits scenarios, and the submission of agency budgets;
  • Inputs budget decisions into the Budget Development System, Capital Budget System, and the Results through Performance Management System;
  • Develops salary and benefit data from the Salary Projection System for use in agency budget and allotment packages;
  • Completes Compensation Impact Model (CIM);
  • Monitors legislative decisions to agency budgets in the Version Reporting System; and
  • Prepares and recasts agency activity inventories.
Biennial and Quarterly Allotments
  • Prepares recommendations for biennial and quarterly allotment, internal agency adjustments, and Unanticipated Receipt packets;
  • Meets with agencies to determine final allotment decisions; and
  • Inputs balanced allotment packages into the Allotment System.  
Legislative Activities
  • Assists client agencies with the analysis of proposed legislation to determine its impact;
  • Prepares, reviews, and releases legislative fiscal notes;
  • Communicates fiscal impact to OFM Budget within timeframes specified via the Fiscal Notes System; and
  • Attends meetings with or for the agency with legislative staff, if requested.
Lead Worker
  • Assists in advising, consulting and mentoring Supporting Accounting Analysts on proper accounting procedures and methods in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), the State Accounting and Administrative Manual (SAAM), Revised Code of Washington (RCW), Washington Administrative Code (WAC), agency policies, and other federal and state laws and regulations;
  • Ensures proper accounting techniques and controls are used;
  • Ensures general ledger reconciliations are performed;
  • Monitors fund balances and accounts receivable activity; and
  • Ensures correct agency coding is used on payments and cash receipts.
Federal and State Grant Monitoring
  • Prepares and submits requests for federal reimbursement from multiple federal agencies;
  • Ensures expenditures and revenues are coded in appropriate categories;
  • Recommends methodologies for allocating costs to benefitting programs; and
  • Assists client agencies on the preparation and submittal of annual federal financial reports.
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Reporting
  • Ensures the accuracy of the data in the financial reports for each fiscal year;
  • Prepares and submits disclosure forms in the Disclosure Form System; and
  • Ensures assets are reported correctly in the CAFR by inputting and verifying that assets are in the Capital Asset Management System.

Required Qualifications:

A minimum of two (2) years of college education with a focus in business, public administration, accounting, economics or related field AND at least three (3) years of professional experience in budget, finance, or accounting.
A combination of relevant education and/or professional experience in budget, finance or accounting totaling five (5) years.
Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite of products including, but not limited to, Excel, Outlook, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.

Preferred/Desired Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution whose accreditation is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or a foreign equivalent.


18 quarter or 12 semester hours of accounting, auditing, or budgeting.

Knowledge of:         
  • State government and agencies’ budgeting processes, governmental funding mechanisms, and accounting structures;
  • Washington state and federal legislative processes;
  • Principles of state budgeting and accounting;
  • State policies and laws, i.e., SAAM, RCW, and WAC; 
  • GAAP;
  • Procurement and contracting procedures;
  • State financial information technology systems;
  • State travel rules and regulations; and
  • Problem solving and decision making processes.
Skills to:
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing;
  • Promote, support, and build on diversity in the workplace;
  • Be resilient and professional under pressure; and
  • Think critically and analytically.
Ability to:
  • Interpret rules and policies related to accounting;
  • Explain accounting procedures and practices to employees and managers;
  • Respond, research, and resolve inquiries from employees, vendors, OFM, and other state agencies;
  • Use AFRS and other information technology systems;
  • Reconcile general ledgers;
  • Present complex or technical information and ideas effectively in formal and informal situations;
  • Use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, to create, modify, print, and format spreadsheets, find and replace data, and work with formulas and functions;
  • Develop, review, and analyze financial data;
  • Identify internal and external stakeholders and ascertain their needs;
  • Respond to difficult or stressful interpersonal situations in a way that minimizes potential conflict and maintains good working relationships among internal and external stakeholders;
  • Engage others in open, constructive and candid discussion and build good working relationships with multiple stakeholders who may hold different points of view;
  • Exercise independent judgment to determine the type of information and level of detail to use from various sources and reports; and
  • Use Microsoft Office suite of products including, but not limited to, Excel, Outlook, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.

In addition to completing the online application, applicants must attach the following documents to their profile or paste into the "text resume" field in order to be considered for this position:
  • letter of interest, describing how you meet the specific qualifications for this position;
  • A current resume, detailing experience, and education; and
  • A list of at least three professional references with current telephone numbers.
  • The initial screening will be solely based on the contents and completeness of the “work experience” section of your application in, completeness of the application material submitted, and the supplemental questionnaire.   
  • A resume will not substitute for completing the “work experience” section of the application. Responses to the supplemental questionnaire regarding work experience must be reflected in the "work experience" section of the application.  
  • By submitting materials you are indicating that all information is true and correct. The state may verify information. Any untruthful or misleading information is cause for removal from the applicant pool or dismissal if employed.
  • Prior to any new appointment into Department of Enterprise Services, a background check will be conducted.


Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and wish to claim Veteran’s Preference MUSTattach a copy of their DD214, or other verification of military service. Please blackout any personally identifiable data such as social security numbers.
Note: Applicants claiming veteran’s preference points must attach the documentation with each on-line application. If you do not provide appropriate documentation to qualify for these preference points, the points will not be awarded.
For additional information on Veteran's Preference and guidance on how to determine if you are eligible, click here.
We thank you and are grateful for your service
Should you have any questions regarding this position or the online application, contact Angie Anderson at (360) 407-8446 or
The Department of Enterprise Services is an equal opportunity employer. Persons with a disability who need assistance with their application or that need this announcement in an alternative format, may call (360) 664-1960 or toll free (877) 664-1960. TTY users should first call 711 to access theWashington Relay Service.


Budget Analyst 4 (00129) Supplemental Questionnaire
*1.Are you currently employed by the Department of Enterprise Services (DES)?
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
*2.What is your highest level of education?
Checkbox No college / college with focus in other areas than below
Checkbox Completed 1-11 months of college with a focus in business, public administration, accounting, economics or related field
Checkbox Completed 12 months of college with a focus in business, public administration, accounting, economics or related field
Checkbox Completed 24 months of college with a focus in business, public administration, accounting, economics or related field
Checkbox Associate's degree with a focus in business, public administration, accounting, economics or related field
Checkbox Bachelor's degree with a focus in business, public administration, accounting, economics or related field
Checkbox Master's degree or higher with a focus in business, public administration, accounting, economics or related field
*3.What best describes your professional experience in budget, finance, or accounting? (be sure this is reflected in your application)
Checkbox 0-11 months experience
Checkbox 12-23 months experience
Checkbox 24-35 months experience
Checkbox 36-47 months experience
Checkbox 48-59 months experience
Checkbox 60 or more months experience
*4.Do you have at least 18 quarter or 12 semester hours of accounting, auditing, or budgeting?
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
*5.Effective reputation and relationship management are expectations of this position. Satisfied and well-informed team members, customers, executive management, stakeholders and decision makers are critical to success. How do you establish and maintain excellent employee, customer and stakeholder relationships?

*6.Do you have working knowledge of budget development and management processes, state and federal tax laws, state statute and system rules, budget and accounting principles, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles? If the answer is "Yes", please describe how and where you gained this knowledge and the amount of time you have used this knowledge. Please do not leave blank. If you do not have this experience, please type "N/A".

*7.Do you have knowledge of the state legislative process and fiscal note production procedures and processes? If the answer is "Yes" please explain how and where you gained this knowledge and the amount of time you have used this knowledge. Please do not leave blank. If you do not have this experience, please type "N/A".

*8.Describe your experience communicating and persuasively expressing complex ideas and information to a diverse audience in a meaningful way. Who was the audience, what was the information/idea, and what was the outcome?

*9.Describe a time in your professional experience where you came across a particularly difficult problem. What resources did you draw upon and how did you solve the problem?

* Required Question