Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cash Room Attendant-Tacoma Rainiers(Tacoma,WA)

Position: Cash Room Attendant
Classification: Part-time Seasonal, Non-exempt
Reports to: Accounting/Finance Department
Salary: $10.00/hour

The purpose of this position is to ensure the proper distribution and collection of money for all events at Cheney Stadium. This position also assists the stadium box office with customer service related duties before and during the game, namely working the Advanced Ticket Sales window.
Please Note: This position requires the ability to work a flexible schedule that includes working evenings, nights, weekends and some holidays.

Cash Room Functions –
                    Prepares initial cash bag banks for parking lot attendants and/or other event staff, as well as ensuring each staff member is equipped with necessary items (count slips, calculators, etc.)
                    Completes starting paperwork and verifies parking tickets for each staff member
                    Supplies staff with change when needed
                    Verifies all drops made by staff
                    Reconciles ending deposits made by staff and prepares final deposits, places final deposits in the safe at the end of the event
                    Distributes daily summary to managers via text message or email
                    Notifies supervisor when supplies are needed (parking tickets, deposit bags, deposit slips, etc.) or when change is low

Customer Service Functions –
                    Helps to answer box office phones and assist customers with questions before each game
                    Helps Box Office Manager with Will Call set up and/or other pre-game tasks
                    Works the box office Advanced Ticket Sales window –
o   Selling advanced tickets through ticketing software (Ticketmaster)
o   Exchanging tickets for season ticket holders for future games
o   Answering customer questions or directing them to the right place/personnel

Qualifications –
        Must be at least 18 years old. 
        Must have excellent customer service skills  
        Exceptional attention to detail
        Previous coin/currency handling experience and math skills are preferred.

        Flexible schedule