Monday, March 16, 2015

Summer Internship - Economic Opportunity Institute (Seattle, WA)

Economic Opportunity Institute

Summer 2015 Internships

Want to grow your career in public policy analysis and advocacy? An EOI internship is a great place to start. You’ll learn the nuts-and-bolts of public policy work by:
  • Compiling and analyzing a wide range of economic and demographic data;
  • Drafting short reports and blog posts specific to policy areas, issues and initiatives;
  • Connecting with people affected by the economic issues on which we work;
  • Preparing for, and following up on tasks related to, organizational events;
  • Supporting our communications work and occasional administrative projects.
Applicants do not have to be current students; however, internships may be tailored to satisfy requirements for school credit if mutually agreed.
About Our Internships: Current plans call for two internships for Summer 2015. The positions will focus, at least in part, on story collection related to our economic mobility research. However, given the dynamic nature of public policy work, candidates must be willing and able to work on a variety of issue areas as required – including, but not limited to: early learning, family leave insurance, minimum wage, paid sick days, state economy, higher education, health care, retirement security, social security, state economy, and state tax/budget issues.
Must-Have Qualifications:
  • A genuine and demonstrable interest in progressive public policy issues surrounding broad-based economic opportunity and security.
  • Ability to research and understand complex policy subjects, and consistently write accurate, clear and compelling material suitable for publication in various contexts.
  • Superb organizational skills, very strong attention to detail, positive attitude, and flexibility on work assignments. Ability to consistently meet deadlines, prioritize tasks, stay on top of all to-do/follow-up items.
  • Very strong facility with Microsoft Office, particularly Word and Excel.
Note: it is not necessary to be a current student to apply for an EOI internship.
Schedule: Summer internships typically occur between June and September for a period of 12-15 weeks, at about 25 to 30 hours per week. Individual internships may bridge these seasons; exact start and end dates are flexible to accommodate individual/school calendars;. Specific work hours are flexible, provided they fall during normal office hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) Given the relatively short period of employment, working remotely is not possible except under special circumstances.
Stipend: EOI interns receive a stipend at regular intervals based on total hours worked during the internship. The hourly equivalent for this stipend is $12/hour (for those holding or working toward an undergraduate degree) to $15/hour (for those holding or working toward a graduate degree). This stipend may be broken into equal bi-monthly payments over the course of the internship.
Application/Hiring Process: No phone calls please. Applications will be screened on a rolling basis starting in late March/early April, with interviews and final selections in the weeks to follow. To be considered for an internship, please email all of the following items (attached to one email, each item in PDF or Word format) to with the subject line “Policy Internship Summer 2015″:
  1. A one-page cover letter and one- to two-page resume detailing how your interests, skills, and experience align with the specific requirements of this internship.
  2. A writing sample showcasing your ability to write about a public policy issue for an interested – but not necessarily expert – audience. Your choice of subject, writing style and length should be appropriate for an EOI policy brief (See for examples.)
  3. Your edits of this document, with all changes tracked, as you would prepare it for publication on EOI’s blog:
EEOC Statement: The Economic Opportunity Institute is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women, people of color, LGBT persons, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.