Thursday, September 17, 2015

Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) - Research Assistant Internship

Fall MPA/MPA Tribal/MES Internship Opportunity

Evergreen’s Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) is seeking one or two Evergreen graduate students for Fall Quarter to serve as Research Assistant for the Center’s new Case Studies initiative to profile and evaluate groundbreaking efforts in local communities to implement new sustainable infrastructure approaches.

During this quarter, CSI will launch groundwork for the initiative by developing – in consultation with the CSI Council of Advisors -- the format and template for Case Studies, the marketing strategy, and the process for generating Case Studies. CSI seeks to deliver case studies that are seen as a valuable, high quality resource for the infrastructure community in the Pacific Northwest.

The Research Assistant intern(s) will be responsible for these tasks over the course of Fall Quarter:
1) Support development of the format and template for case studies.
2) Research, analyze and prepare 1-2 Case Studies as field tests for the case study generation process.
3) Complete targeted, quick turnaround research tasks to answer specific questions.
4) Secure permissions to utilize or adapt graphics and images.
5) Prepare work plan for the quarter and meet weekly with field supervisor.
6) Prepare report for field supervisor, CSI Director, and CSI Council of Advisors on case studies research and preparation process, and notes for incoming CSI Case Studies interns.

Internship Commitment: This internship will grant 2 credits for 10 hours/week, or 4 credits for 20 hours/week.

Field Supervisor: Anne Nelson, Evergreen 2000 MES graduate, focuses on the nexus of science, community and policy through collaborative natural resource management. Currently on contract with NOAA’s International Marine Protected Area Capacity Building Program, Anne works with natural resource managers in Latin America, Asia and the Pacific on coastal and marine spatial planning, sustainable tourism, environmentally sensitive development, habitat protection and stakeholder engagement. Prior to NOAA, Anne worked for the City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services on watershed planning, green infrastructure integration and climate action planning This followed collaborative planning in Puget Sound and New Zealand, and wetlands field work and education in Eugene after completing her degree at Evergreen.

About the Center: The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) at The Evergreen State College is advancing a new sustainable infrastructure paradigm and practice in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and helping Washington and Oregon become nationally-recognized innovators in sustainable infrastructure solutions. The Center envisions a future where sustainable, resilient, affordable and integrated infrastructure systems provide vital services accessible to all—supporting healthy, prosperous, beautiful, and inclusive communities. CSI’s vision and the path to get there are outlined in its inaugural report, Infrastructure Crisis, Sustainable Solutions, which draws on interviews with 70 of the region’s top infrastructure innovators and thought leaders. CSI infrastructure focus encompasses our energy, transportation, water-related, and waste management systems.

To Apply: Please submit to Rhys Roth, Director, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure, the following materials by September 23rd:
a) Cover letter (1 page max)
b) Resume
c) Sample of Research Writing.

Submit these materials via email to